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Hello Lacie, and thanks for having me on your blog today. I would love to tell you about my new book The Artist.  Some of you will know me as Rachel de Vine, but this book is being released under a new name of Juliette Banks. Let me show you the cover of the new book, which has been produced by the art department at Blushing Books.


Lizzie is a pretty, but quite simple village girl when circumstances lead her to the artist, Theo. She made a bad marriage to Lionel, a man who mistreated her, and who then threw her out when she refused to sell her body on the streets for him. Now she is trying to make her way alone.

Theo is the rebellious son of a Viscount, who left his privileged background to pursue his chosen career as an artist. His favourite subjects are pretty young women whom he paints in the nude. He is delighted, therefore, when the beautiful Lizzie knocks on his door one day and offers her services as a model.

It is only a matter of days before the mutual attraction ignites between them and they become lovers. Despite village gossip, they are happy. Until Lionel, hearing that his wife is now living with the artist, erupts in a jealous rage and snatches her back while Theo is away and unable to protect her.

Upon finding Lizzie gone, Theo sets off in hot pursuit, determined to find the model for whom his feelings are growing daily. He soon catches up with Lizzie and Lionel, but during the hot-headed rescue, things take a tricky turn with an unexpected consequence.

Lionel is dead.

Unwilling to be charged with murder, and possibly hanged, Theo and Lizzie flee to Italy, where they try to start a new life together. But the past has a way of catching up with everyone, and they are no exception.

Can the love between a son of a Viscount and an illiterate country girl survive after such a troubled start? And will they have to face justice for the murder of Lizzie’s husband?

This is an erotic tale of a young couple in mid-nineteenth century England and Italy, with some explicit themes, including spanking.

As an artist he was good with his hands – where it mattered.

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Excerpt 1

Theodore Harper smiled to himself, although his face retained its usual inscrutable features. The girl had been lying down, her limbs spread sufficiently that he could catch sight of her lovely little quim, and now she needed to cover herself simply to have a stretch? He had been painting women for many years, and come to know many of them intimately, and he still found them to be a puzzle. Mind you, this young woman was a rare little piece, looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in her soft, sensual mouth, and possessing an innocent-looking face, while having the wild, auburn locks, the creamy skin and voluptuous body of a woman who needed to be seduced. No, not seduced, but fucked fast and hard by someone such as himself.

His cock began to twitch and he adjusted himself out of sight of the girl. He tried not to get involved with his models while they were working, but sometimes he found the temptation too much to manage. He was only human, after all. He put his palette and brush down on the small table next to the easel and stretched his arms. He, too, was a little stiff in more ways than one. Perhaps he should call it a day?

“I think we have done enough for today. Are you able to come again tomorrow?”

“Yes, sir. I am free all day. What time shall I come?”

“Not too early. I don’t like getting out of my bed before ten or eleven o’clock. Come at noon and I will make us both something to eat before we start.”

“Thank you, sir. May I get dressed now?”

Theodore nodded his assent and the girl went behind the screen to put on her worn, calico dress and shawl, and down-at-heel boots. She emerged and hesitated a moment. Theodore realized that he hadn’t paid her, so put his hand in his pocket and pulled out some coins. The girl had asked him if she could be paid daily and he guessed that she was in urgent need of the money if her appearance was anything to go by. That was why he had offered her a sandwich on her arrival today, and the promise of another one tomorrow. He was sure that she wasn’t eating very much and he didn’t want to paint a woman whose ribs stood out from her body.

After Lizzie had left, Theodore cleaned his brushes methodically, ready for the next day and musing on his luck in coming across such a lovely young thing. The sight of her had set his cock a dancing, but he must keep himself in check for now, as much as he wished to spread those soft, curvy thighs and discover the delights within.

Painting her in the nude stretched his resistance to the limit.

Excerpt 2

Theo watched as various thoughts flitted across the face of the pretty young thing in front of him. She was clearly much more relaxed than when she first started sitting for him, and her features had softened so that she looked even more sensuous and desirable than ever. Could he risk an approach yet, without her taking fright and running away? He amused himself at certain times by imagining the things he would like to do to her and with her. It almost always ended with his cock climbing up the flagpole, but he had ceased to care about such things these days. Sex was as natural as eating and breathing for him, and he had no time for the prissy people who treated it as a perverted act, borne solely for the begetting of children. He knew without doubt that his cock would find that pretty little quim before too long, but would bide his time a little longer, until he was more sure of the response he would receive.

He didn’t just want to fuck his delicious little model; his tastes led him to more adventurous and erotic pastimes. He yearned to hear the sound of his hand slapping on Lizzie’s soft, smooth bottom, which he caught glimpses of from time to time. He even imagined her tied naked to his bed, waiting in trepidation for what he chose to do to her. Thoughts like that, tripping through his mind, made his cock unbelievably hard. He wondered whether he was capable of persuading the girl to try such things with him, for he was not the type of man who would force himself on a woman against her will. It had been seeing her washing in the stream this morning that had set off his imagination like this, and if he didn’t stop thinking in this fashion and concentrate on his work, he would have to go to the pump outside the back door and douse himself in cold water to put out the fire that was beginning to burn within him.

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A little about me:

Writing has been mainly a hobby until recently. In my other life I am a farmer; plus I look after my ageing father. However I am winding down the farm business and would like to spend most of my time writing eventually.

Apart from writing, my passion is travelling to far-off places, which I have done throughout my life. I have been lucky enough to have visited some wonderful countries, and my last trip was to China and Tibet. I also enjoy gardening, music and reading, and spending time with my large, extended family.

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