Cover Reveal: Teaching her a Lesson

I love creating a series cover. It’s so exciting deciding on which elements you’ll use, the type of photographs you’ll include, and the fonts and colours that will represent every cover in the rest of the series.

With the second book of the Student Bodies series launching on Friday, I had to make sure the cover was ready today for the big reveal! I know a few people read and enjoyed the first book, so I hope that the cover for the second book is titillating enough (pun intended) that they can’t help themselves but pick up book two.

Despite ramping up the heat with the second cover, book two is also so much hotter, sexier, daring than the first book. I really put Jason through some tough hoops in the second installment, and I think he got through them okay. Well, what do you think?

If you want to check out the second book on Amazon, it’s available on pre-order for the next few days before the big launch on Friday.

Teaching her a Lesson by Lacie D Fox
Teaching her a Lesson by Lacie D Fox

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