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  • I enjoyed your first novella, short as it was, but was expecting that it was supposed to be just a “taste” of your future books. Suffice it to see that I was disappointed that your follow-up is only 69 pages, so really another novella or short story, and priced at $2.99. Typically, I only read books starting around 250+/- pages, so sadly this really doesn’t perk my interest to continue. Perhaps at $.99 I might have bitten, but think I’ll take a look elsewhere for now. That said, I hope your works and writing go well.

    • Hi Club Bot,
      Thank you so much for the feedback!
      Well, good news: all books in the Student Bodies series are now 0.99c! And this price will stay for the remainder of their time on Amazon 🙂 You might also be interested to know that I am working on a full-length novel (the first of three in the series) which I’m judging should be anywhere between 200 and 300 pages. If you join my mailing list, I can notify you when it launches later in the year 🙂

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